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Butterscotch.com launches

I have had a secret project in development over the last year called. Today it went live! It a new video site called butterscotch.com that is designed to be a cross between HGTV and TechTV…a helpful consumer friendly site that educates people about technology using Internet video shows ( you might call them podcasts) and tutorials. My old pals from G4Techtv developed it with me including Amber Mac, Sean Carrthuers and Matt Harris as well as a talent team from Tucows Corp. the company that is backing it. Incidently I am GM at Tucows.com now as part of this project!

I hope you love it. Check it out at http://www.butterscotch.com


One Response to “Butterscotch.com launches”

  1. chaslinux Says:

    I don’t know if being GM at Tucows is a blessing or a curse, their “Spotlight Linux Program” isn’t a Linux program at all, but a Windows Registry Cleaner… gotta love when ads ruin the content.

    There was a time that Tucows seemed like a pretty good place to go for Linux software recommendations, almost freshmeat.net like, but IMHO, it’s degraded a lot (sorry). Of course it’s always a challenge to maintain a site that large.

    Congrats on Butterscotch, it’s good to see Tucows backing quality programming. I’ve always loved Labrats, it seemed ahead of the game compared to most shows.

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