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Little Geeks to give away 100 computers to kids

Little Geeks will be holding a press event on June 12 to give away 100 computers to underprivileged children in Toronto.
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One Response to “Little Geeks to give away 100 computers to kids”

  1. chaslinux Says:

    Congratulations Andy! So does Little Geeks give these out on a regular basis too? I was wondering about sustainability - do you do this as part of a Community MAR program? If so, how do you keep the licensing up if you give the systems away for free?

    I was also wondering about your process for printers? We also take inkjets and laser printers for a fee because our recycler charges us, but the Little Geeks web site doesn’t mention fees for plastic items.

    Are you open for “tours” during the M-F hours, I’d love to bring some of our volunteers up for a tour to see the differences in refurbishing programs.



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