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10 tips to protect your children

I have been giving a lot of interviews lately on how parents can protect their children from Internet predators. Seems to be a hot topic in the US at the moment. So here’s a little piece I wrote with tips that help you protect kids when they use the Net. Click here to read it

2 Responses to “10 tips to protect your children”

  1. jessica Says:

    Those are some good tips — a lot of it seems like common sense, like telling kids to treat strangers on the internet like strangers in real life. But I guess people need to hear it.

    Is stuff like this in your book? I noticed in the sidebar it says you wrote a book. Do you have a column too?

  2. Andy Walker Says:

    Hi Jessica:

    This was just a little side project I wrote and posted on Cyberwalker.com, which is made up of columns I have written over the years for a variety of newspapers. Between 95 and 2000 I wrote a column for the Edmonton Journal in Canada and it was syndicated to dozens of other publications.

    Also, there are some kid and family protection tips in the book.


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