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Food demo on TVO

For those that can tune in TVO (TV Ontario) check out Studio 2 tonight (Friday) at 8pm or 11pm.
I do a 10 minute interview about computer security and I plug my book of course and do a little food demo on how anti-virus tech works that results in me getting nailed in the chin with an apple. It’s quite funny.

6 Responses to “Food demo on TVO”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Frankly, totally disinterested Andy. I don’t know what’s with you and food, but it looks stupid, childish, and unprofessional.

  2. Andy Walker Says:

    Sorry to hear that you feel that way Jeff. Sounds like you’ve never seen one.
    It’s one of ways in which I break barriers down for people who fear the complexities of technology.
    I use every day items to show people how technology works in a visual way.


  3. Neve Says:

    Andy, keep up the food demos. There’s plenty of people who love watching them, they liven things up and it’s something a bit different from the usual reviews and segments on shows. Jeff, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. No need to put people down.

  4. Will Says:

    Jeff, the food demos were one of the biggest contributing factors to Andy’s popularity on CFH. They were always fun, humorous, and educational to watch (and continue to be sorely missed Andy). I consider myself a mature and intelligent viewer but I still always got a kick out of them. You simply can’t take it as seriously as you would a more hardcore tech segment.

  5. Craig Worden Says:

    Sorry I missed it Andy.

    I’m sure it was very amusing, like many of your other food demos.


  6. Chris Thorp Says:

    Sorry I missed that as well. Perhaps things like that could be incorporated into the upcoming release of the new cyberwalker website.

    - Chris

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