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Ugliest cellphone of all time

Anyone out there have an opinion on what was the ugliest cellphone of all time? If you still have the phone and can take a picture of it, all the better. I am working on an article for an inflight magazine, so I need your help.


4 Responses to “Ugliest cellphone of all time”

  1. Neve Says:

    I think the ugliest one is the Nokia 2650. Every time I see it in a catalogue I think how ugly it is. Nokia has some good looking phones but this is not one of them. It looks like a sunlounge or something. I’ve pointed it out to a few other people too and they have always agreed that it’s wierd and ugly. I haven’t seen one uglier so it gets my vote.


  2. sw0rdfish Says:


    The Zac Morris special…

  3. Jean Troiano Says:

    I sent you an email with a photo of my old Motorola.

  4. Doug Says:

    Does the N-gage count? The first version. Taco talking=ugly.

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