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LPs to MP3 animated demo

Thought I might share with you a little experiment I have undertaken to see if it works in helping people better learn about technology.

I recently retrofitted an article about how to convert your old record albums to Mp3 files so you can play them on your computer or MP3 player.

In doing so I found an audio recorder that is easy to use and created a narrated animated demo on how to use it to convert LPs to MP3s. If people like this approach to learning then I will do more of these and include them in the launch of Cyberwalker 2.0 which my team is working on to get out in the next 2 months.

Let me know what you think. Click here for the article. The link to the Flash demo is at the bottom.

For those of your who subscribe to the Cyberwalker newsletter, a variation of this will go out in the next day or two to newseltter subscribers.

2 Responses to “LPs to MP3 animated demo”

  1. Ted_G Says:

    Great tutorial, very infomative and helpful. Keep em coming. :)

  2. Bill H Says:

    Well done. I like the animated approach.

    I have a small quibble with the article on the hardware setup. If your amplifier has stereo preamp outputs those are much better for your soundcard’s input. The signal should be just right with less noise and no knob twiddling like you need to do with the full amplifier. Or better yet, you can buy a turntable preamp, either a generic one for your component setup, or one specially designed for soundcard input. I’m happy with the “Terratec Phono PreAmp” for soundcards, currently available on the net for under $100US, and much cheaper used.

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