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The new Cyberwalker and newsletter

In the next three months you are going to see some significant improvements on Cyberwalker.com.

One of the first efforts is to add a Cyberwalker Tips and Tricks newsletter which I hope to get out weekly. You can subscribe here.

It’s is the first phase of a series of improvements to Cyberwalker.com. Next on the agenda is a site redesign. The old look is becoming dated and the site needs to be better organized.

So I am doing a full redesign that incorporates a new look for the site (have a peek) which was created by illustrator Steve Huntriss (aka Tackie).

He’s the guy that designed LabRats.tv and AndyWalker.com. If you have ever seen Call for Help, then you may have seen his work - he did Simpsons caracitures of Leo, Amber and I (see the one of me on the contact us page of AndyWalker.com).

The new look will be rolled out in late January, I hope. There’s a lot of work to do, but my trusty band of helpers are working hard to make it happen.

The redesign will also offer two tiers of membership. Cyberwalker Plus will be a free upgrade that will include loads of freebies, including access to special member-only content, tips, tricks and extras that are designed to reward regular visitors to the site.

I am also implementing a low cost help desk service where you can get solutions to your tech problems either by email or on the phone. Plus members will get a decent discount on this. And no we won’t be charging tons of bucks or an hourly rate. It will be a one off fee (under $30 per problem) to get friendly tech help from a real person.

Later I’ll be adding a Cyberwalker Premium program which will include access to two new ebooks I am working on, as well as free help desk credits and loads of other cool and free stuff that you won’t get anywhere else. This service will be offered for a small annual fee.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the projects as they develop. I hope you’ll start by signing up to the newsletter. It uses a double opt-in process meaning you have to sign up on the web and then click on an email you’ll receive to confirm. This stops wieners from signing you up, without your consent.

So I hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe!

2 Responses to “The new Cyberwalker and newsletter”

  1. Caboose Says:

    Love the new website design! Much more organized, and better to look at. I signed up for the newsletter too. Nice air guitar solo! :P

  2. sw0rdfish Says:

    Looks awesome Andy! I LOVE the new layout. Good job Tackie!

    Been trying to keep up with all you TechTV CFH folk, but there’s so much great stuff going on, I’m falling behind.

    I think it’s time for the Cyberwalker set top box! ;)


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