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December date set for my first cybercourse

Hi all:

I have created a new cybercourse which you can take with me live via the web.
It’s called Wireless Secuirty Demystified and it runs @ 8:30PM EST (-5 GMT) on Dec. 8.

I’ll teach you how to secure your wireless network, including using WEP and WPA and other security tips and tricks and we’ll also have time for live Q&A.

There’s room in the web classroom - where you can see and hear me, and interact with me - for 10 people. If there proves to be interest I will do other dates. Plus as part of the $199 fee, you get an autographed copy of my new book.

I hope you’ll find this of interest and sign up. More info here http://courses.cyberwalker.com

Or sign up now at CyberTrainingUniversity


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