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My book now shipping in North America

Just to let you know that my book Absolute Beginners Guide to Secuirty Spam Spyware and Viruses is now shipping from all major on-line stores and has been spotted in places like Barnes and Noble in the US and Chapters and Indigo in Canada. So if you have been waiting til it comes out to order it, then its now available.

I think it will be another week or two before it starts shipping from Europe and Australia, however, if you are in that part of the world and spot it, please drop me an email.

I will be starting to ship autographed copies this week. Cost is $30 US or $35 CAD or $30 US plus international shipping cost (I can email you that). Just send me an email to andy at cyberwalker dot com with “signed copy” in the subject line. We’ll send you a paypal invoice via email and get your address from your and send it out.


One Response to “My book now shipping in North America”

  1. skinnera Says:

    Awseome, i may do that, i also have probally one of the last autographed cfh pics of u amber and leo together. thanks

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