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Keep an eye out for my book

My book - Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Secuirty, Spam, Spyware and Viruses - was shipped Nov. 9 by my publisher Que so you should be seeing it appear this week at your local bookstore (let me know if you do at the address below).

It should come available on the on-line bookseller sites as well including Amazon and Amazon.ca this week or next. In Europe and Australia it may take a little more time.

I received my first copies on Friday, and I have to say, its very satisfying to get it in my hands.

It looks like it has done very well in pre-sales so I have high hopes for it. Australians especially seem to be keen on it as Angus & Robertson (their online bookseller) is showing it as a bestseller, tho they have yet to add the updated cover.

For those that would like a signed copy via mail, send me an email to andy at cyberwalker dot com with “signed copy” in the subject line and I’ll autograph a copy for you and put it in the mail to you. Cost to you including shipping and handling will be $25 US, $30 CAD or $20 US plus the cost of shipping to your country. I can send you an email invoice from Paypal to take care of the fee.

9 Responses to “Keep an eye out for my book”

  1. tambits10 Says:

    Great to hear the pre-sales are going good.

    I’ll be by tomorrow to pick up my copy. ;-)

    See you then,

  2. HMNSHLD Says:

    awesome….congrats Andy!

  3. Lori (from Leoville) Says:

    Congratulations! :)

    By the way– you’ve got mail…from me :D

    Best of luck on continued high sales


  4. Andy Walker Says:

    Hi Lori: Thanks! Mail? Where? -Andy

  5. Carol B. Says:

    Way da go Andy!! Wonderful news!


  6. Jean T Says:

    Any chance you’ll be coming to the states (maybe for TWiT) and signing some autographs in person?

  7. Andy Walker Says:

    Jean: Yes very possible. LA over Christmas. Las Vegas in January. Probably NYC in Feb and SF in the spring. Not sure of appearances but if there’s interest I’ll make em happen. -A

  8. MJ Says:

    when you comin’ to vancouver?


  9. Chris Says:

    Andy can’t wait to see you in NYC. And i’m happy that you are doing the autographed books via mail.

    -Chris (LLTTV)

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