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Dee Long’s new DeeSampler

As you may know my good friend Dee Long wrote the theme song for Lab Rats and for Next Big Ping and I am always curious to see what he’s up to because he is one of those talent muscians that always has a surprise in store. Dee, of course, was a member of the 1970s phenomenon Klaatu and went on to become an amazing force in the music industry, especially when it came to synthesizers and sampling. During that time he also became a programmer. Fast forward to today and he just released the latest verion of the DeeSampler, a drum loop program that can be used to trigger video clips. Dee calls it the ViDEEoSampler. Call for Help sound guy Greg Pilsworth uses it to track and trigger sound samples on Call for Help. And Dee used it on his new album. Anyway, its great toy even if you’re not a musician. And if you are, it’s an indispensible tool. There’s a 30-day trial to get you started and it’s only US$22 to buy. Click here for more info

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