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Techtv Meetup Dec 15

The techtv gang is getting together again at a Dec meetup. Attending wil be CFHers and associated guests, extended family as well as famous podcasters like the brilliant Frank Linhares (who is organizing). We will be appearing at No Regrets once again in Toronto on Dec 15.
Lab Rat and CFHer Sean Carruthers and I will be there along with Leo, Amber, other CFHers and more.
I’ll also be signing my new book at the event! You’ll be able to buy copies or bring your own for signing.

Info and RSVP here: http://techtvholidaymeetup.com

3 Responses to “Techtv Meetup Dec 15”

  1. tambits10 Says:


    This one I will definitely be at.

    See you there and possibly sooner!


  2. sw0rdfish Says:

    I’m supposed to be in Montreal… you keep doing these things when I’m out of town!

    I’ll try and stop in to grab a book and get it signed!

  3. shane Says:

    cool. wish i could be there. make sure to post lots of pictures!!!

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