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All is right with the world

Well after a bit of a slog today, labrats.tv is up and running on a new server with unlimited bandwidth and all file formats are available including WMV.

Plus, we now have a bittorrent seed at www.techtainment.net/bt (so thank you techtainment!) - and thanks to everyone who offered to help. It’s very much appreciated.

Next week we will be releasing episode 2 which features what those connectors on that back of your TV are for and which ones to use! Hope to go live Monday or Tuesday. Watch this space. And Sean, Matt and I hope you find the show useful and entertaining.

3 Responses to “All is right with the world”

  1. Caboose Says:

    I loved the first episode; great job! I’ll seed the torrent for as long as I can :)

    Looking forward to Episode 2, and once again, great job.

  2. Andy Walker Says:

    Thx Caboose. We’re glad you like it. And thanks for seeding!

  3. Keith Says:

    Excellent show! Very informative. I have the same router & am now going to attempt to set up WPA. Hope the rest are as well done as your first!
    Again… Congrats..

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