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Not quite normal yet

Well that was a helluva ride. At around 5PM EST my ISP shutdown my server after 12.5 GB of files were transferred off the server. Lab Rats is a success! But it shutdown the whole Cyberwalker.com site including forums, the software lbrary and the main site. So we have created a new server at http://www.labrats.tv and tho I am having trouble transferring the larger files to it (talking to tech support) I hope that that will be the vidcasts new home. You’ll notice that http://labrats.cyberwalker.com now refreshes there. Anyway Sean, Matt and I would like to thank you all for understand the little problems we’re encountering and we’re glad people are interested enough in the vidcast to crash the server! ;-> More info when we get the new server running the way we want it.

One Response to “Not quite normal yet”

  1. Neve Says:

    I love their slogan- perfect hosting solution. I think we can make a case for you using a less perfect host for Lab Rats. I think now I want to watch the show that broke the site…

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