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You killed my server (that’s kinda good)

Well looks like my server melted down due to all the Lab Rats downloads so I am relocating files and setting up a new server now.
So I have taken down some of the optional formats. Back up this evening with all the selections!

(Hooray! We’re glad you guys like the show.)

3 Responses to “You killed my server (that’s kinda good)”

  1. Barb Says:

    Just found that out! ;-) But yes…that’s a good thing for you guys. I’m glad so many want to see your show…!!!!

    Don’t worry, I’ll give it a day or more when things calm down to a dull roar for you….Congrats!!

  2. Robert Says:

    you didn’t disable em too good, just disabled the links on the htm…. that wont do it…especially when labrats.cyberwalker.com goes directly to a directory listing, its not gonna make a difference at all.

  3. slidenby Says:

    Congrats Andy & Sean, looking forward to future episodes!

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