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New lingo: Splog or Blam?

For those of you who watch for new lingo, you know that the web is the best place to see it first.

This AM I read a little bit about blog spam… dubbed “splog”. It’s where spammers send comments or posts to blogs embedded with links to get them posted so they go out to millions of RSS subscribers. I think a better term is “BLAM”. Because when blog spam comes it hits your server hard. I had 89 bits of blam in my Cyberwalker blog queue the other day.

Also in my travels, i cam across FOLED - that’s foldable organic light emitting diodes. OLED is a new display technology that promises to one day put cheap hi rez, low-powered displays on pretty much anything including uneven surfaces such as car dashboards. Maybe even cereal boxes. Or imagine wrapping a little table in OLED material and turning it on to produce white light and you have a self-lit bedside table.

So FOLED is OLED screens that can be folded or rolled up. Various companies are working on FOLED products so we can one day use our tiny mobile devices to transmit to big useful screens that we can put away in our pockets.

P.S. I am in JFK en route to Burbank today to visit my brother in Woodland Hills, California. Back home on Monday to do Cyberwalker Mondays that night and Lab Rats ep 2 on Wednesday (we hope).

5 Responses to “New lingo: Splog or Blam?”

  1. tambits10 Says:

    Have a good trip and watch out for the Smog in the LA area.
    Oops, I meant Splog. :)

    See you when you get back


  2. sw0rdfish Says:

    I used to get quite a bit of “BLAM” I blame it on digg.com, because it lists who blogged a certain story, and thus people advertising similar sites ( IE: www.milliondollarwhatever.com ) come and advertise in the story you’re blogging about.

    I blogged about that million dollar thing, and over the next 6 days I got anon people posting links to “competitors”.

    Does thatmean my blog is now considered legit? I doubt it… but I can’t blame that on anyone but me.

  3. woot Says:

    blam is already a word over at Newgrounds. it means the opposite of compliment

  4. tambits10 Says:


    The term ‘Blam’ has multiple meanings.

    You are correct on one of them and ‘woot’ is correct on another.

    Link: http://blam.urbanup.com/462634 is taken from http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Blam


  5. angel Says:

    hey…can ne1 tell me sum stuff abt the FOLED…. n’ that where can i find an evolution kit for that…..

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