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Lab Rats ep 1 is in the can

Sean Carruthers (gadget guy on CFH) and I shot episode 1 of Tuesday night with CFH associate producer Matt Harris, who is the guy that produced my field segments on CFH. Matt is extremely clever and a great producer and so episode 1 of Lab Rats will be fab.

Sean is editing so we hope to have something for release early next week if all goes well. Looks like it will run about 15 mins and will be about 100 MB download. We’ll release it in several formats. Stay tuned, I’ll post when its available.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pix…

Andy and Sean prep for episode 1 of Lab Rats

Sean and I “on set” aka my living room. I was in a funny mood. Nice to be back on camera again, being a goof.

Andy and Matt after shooting episode 1 of Lab Rats

It’s a wrap. Lab Rats producer Matt Harris and I relax with a frosty bevvie after shooting episode 1 of Lab Rats.
Then we watched hockey because Matt said we had too, and I pretended to enjoy it for about 6 seconds.

More photos — including “Lab Cats” pix — on Sean’s Flickr account: www.flickr.com/photos/globalhermit

4 Responses to “Lab Rats ep 1 is in the can”

  1. Ted_G Says:

    Thanks Andy, Matt, Sean, Biff and Boo too for undertaking this endeavor. Can hardly wait to see Episode One. Cheers. Ted

  2. sw0rdfish Says:

    Looking forward to it!!!

    When’s the live taping in the Toronto area? :P lol.

  3. Harris Says:

    GO BRUINS!!!

  4. Ken Says:

    Glad to hear there will be multiple formats. Now I won’t have to convert into mpeg4. I’m looking forward to it.

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