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NBP theme music

I know it may seem like its a taking me a while to get The Next Big Ping podcast off the ground. Post-CFH life has been busier than I had anticipated.

Still I’m making progress toward the first episode. Thought I’d share with you the theme music I’ll be using. It was written by Dee Long, who was our guest on CFH. Dee is an amazing musician. He just put out his first solo CD and DVD. He also wrote the theme for the TV show Once a Thief. And is a member of the famed band Klaatu.

Learn more about Dee here. Here’s what he’s done for me:

Next Big Ping theme — long version
Next Big Ping theme – short version 1
Next Big Ping theme — short version 2

What do you think?

9 Responses to “NBP theme music”

  1. Jason Says:

    Jammin’…Sounds great. Can’t wait for the podcast.

  2. tambits10 Says:

    Great music. Great talent.

    You and Sean, take as long as needed to release your vidcast.

    I know about your technical issues and hope they are resolved soon.

    I’m sure the shows will be great.

    Have a great trip to California and a safe flight.

    Talk to you when you get back.


  3. Greg Says:

    Very Cool!! Love the Jetsons theme slid in there.

  4. sw0rdfish Says:


    Interesting!! I noticed the Jetson’s riff in there, not sure if that’s intentional or not ( in the long version ) … Out of the two Short versions, you have to go with #2, #1 ends rather…. oddly :P

    I’m looking forward to it!

  5. kim Says:

    Love the theme. One question? The Jetsons Dah-Dah Dah-Dum is used. Is that allowed under Copyright these days. I am so confused I dont dare put anything online.

  6. Barb Says:

    The long version theme is very fitting, I like the Jetson music hint. For the short version I like the #2 version best. Dee is very creative!

    Andy, I find I am missing that you have links in your posts like Dee’s info in this one. It would be helpful if you could color your links blue or something please? Thanks ;-)

  7. Slick Says:

    Kinda cool…I like it…

    (I’m not a lawyer…just been in radio for over 25 years…)
    He can probably get away with “alluding” to The Jetsons because the theme does not NEED the reference for the composition to exist in it’s current form. (If you remove it, the song remains the same…insert Led Zep here…)

    (pout) “I wanna theme song, too…”

  8. Matt Says:

    Great music, although I was looking away from the computer and was startled when it started as it does so abruptly

  9. kim Says:

    Thanks Slick.

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