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Cat update

Thought I’d share some new cat pix with you. Biff and Boo are just over three months old now. Getting big!

Boo at 3 months
Boo seems to be getting big in the back end. Still has a little head tho. Very sweet cat.

Boo at 3 months
Biff is a little smaller, but longer. He is a terror. Facing licking at 6AM every morning.

7 Responses to “Cat update”

  1. Tambits10 Says:


    Great to see them again!

    It looks like Biff is getting the wrong end of the stick.
    He’s not a terror, he’s just misunderstood. At least that what he told me. :)

    Thx for sharing the pix.


  2. TGal Says:


    Biff and Boo sure are growing, thanks for sharing the photographs of them with us again. I agree with Craig, Biff is just misunderstood. :)


  3. Barb Says:

    Awwwwww….so cute! Thanks for their updated pics. ;-)

  4. sw0rdfish Says:

    Just watch video game controlllers and Monster cables… For some reason cats love to chew through both! :|

    When my cats were 6 months old, they used to get on my bed at night and attack my eyes because of the R.E.M. So now they sleep outside the room :P

  5. Shannon Says:

    Awwww. How many sleepless nights andy?

  6. Andy Walker Says:

    Shannon: The nights aren’t too bad. They cats are so active during the day that they hit the sack hard when I do. But it’s the 6 AM demands for wet food that drive me crazy. Biff is a piggy. ;->


  7. Stephen Says:

    Very cute. We have one cat that likes to lick the wife awake in the mornings. So you will get use to it :)

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