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A little update

Just a little update…

I am headed to San Diego for two weeks Monday to work on a few fun projects and to get a little more some R&R, so if you’re in that part of the world and you see me around town, please say Hi.

The Next Big Ping is closer than ever to being realized. I just have to iron out a few technical details. Frank Linhares of techphile.ca has been helping me with this. And I have been working with Craig Worden, webmaster of software.cyberwalker.com who is doing a little research for me.

Lab Rats production is delayed a bit as we’ve had camera problems. A firewire connection shorted out, but we’ll be up and rolling in late Sept or early Oct.

And my sister’s wedding was just wonderful. Thanks to all those who sent their congratulations.

Oh and one more announcement. I will be returning to radio on Oct 3. Tune in to 640 AM in Toronto or 640toronto.com at 6:30PM EST. I’ll be joining Mike Stafford on The Stafford Show taking your tech questions live every Monday. http://www.640toronto.com. Greg (in the comments below) suggested I podcast this. It’s a good idea. I’ll see what I can do.

5 Responses to “A little update”

  1. Greg Says:

    Do you think you’ll postcast the radio show Andy?

  2. Andy Walker Says:

    It’s a good idea Greg. I’ll see if I can. -Andy

  3. TGal Says:

    Andy - Have a safe voyage and a nice trip to San Diego where I am sure it will be warmer than it is here in San Francisco. Look forward to hearing you on 640 Toronto, would be great if they let you podcast it. Cheers Ted

  4. Barb Says:

    Excellent news!! It would be great if you could podcast the radio show eventually.

  5. Hatnj Says:

    Great to Hear it Andy and All the best on the projects and R & R

    Nice to hear your going on the radio on AM 640 Same freq as Leos show AM640 KFI so easy to remember Will tune in via Internet

    Take Care

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