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Hurricane Katrina

TechTV Forever run by Eric Craft (and his team) and Long Live TechTV, run by Chris (densefive) and Mark (mrwebauthor) are banding together to try to get people to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund http://www.redcross.org by posting banners and links at their group homepages and drawing attention to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on their message boards.

At LLTTV they have a podcast called 535 York and which they record on Thursday nights about 10pm EST. Please join in Thursday in a moment of silence at the beginning of our podcast. The moment of silence will run from 10pm EST til 10:01pm EST to remember those that lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina. If you can not make the podcast please still observe a moment of silence. We are going to try to make this a continent wide moment of silence. So please spread the word.

More info:

TechTV Forever

Long Live TechTV.

Learn more in the comments below…

9 Responses to “Hurricane Katrina”

  1. Eric Craft Says:

    Thank You Andy.

  2. Tambits10 Says:

    That’s a very nice thing for them to be doing.

    The word will be spread.

    I’ll be listening.

    Thx for posting this Andy


  3. phoenix Says:


    I’ve also posted some more information and links to lead people to ways they can help out over at TechTV Forever.net;


  4. Chris (densefive) Says:

    Andy thanks for spreading the word and donating.

  5. Chris (densefive) Says:

    I forgot to post the urls to the podcast. The 535 York Podcast will be open to the public Sept. 1, 2005. Anyone that has teamspeak installed can join us or just listen in. And the Moment of Silence will be held coast to coast at 10:00pm EST for 1 minute. Even if you don’t join the Podcast please uphold the moment of silence and pass the word on to do so.

    To connect to our Voice chat;
    1. open Teamspeak
    2. click on connection on the menu at the top
    3. click on quick connect
    4. enter llttv.ath.cx into the server address
    (type in “llttv.ath.cx” into that box without the ” “)
    5. enter a nickname
    6. click on connect


    Download Teamspeak

    535 York Podcast Blog

    Download 535 York Podcasts (host at archive.org)

    Long Live TechTV (LLTTV-Yahoo group)

    Long Live TechTV (LLTTV-new forum)

    Thank you,

  6. Chris (densefive) Says:

    Please join the nation this thursday in a moment of silence at 10:00pm
    EST till 10:01pm EST to remember everyone that lost their lives in
    Hurricane Katrina. And please spread the word. Lets make this a
    national/continent wide moment of silence if not world wide.

    And visit the Red Cross website

    Donate to the Red Cross donate info

    I encourage all to visit this site
    http://www.redcross.org/donate/donate.html and see the many ways that
    you can make a donation to the American Red Cross. This organization
    will take the lead in assisting those in need from Hurricane Katrina.
    Thier efforts will be needed for months, if not longer.

    On the webpage, you will find the links where you can donate on line,
    by phone, or ways to donate your spare change or your airline miles.
    The American Red Cross is a most worthy organization, and I encourage
    you to consider supporting them financially while they assist
    Hurricane Katrina victims.

    The south has seen ‘Hell on Earth’. New Orleans is our 36th biggest
    city and evacuation of the whole city is on going. “Officials said it
    will be three to four months before residents can return to New
    Orleans, and those still in the city will have to leave, after levees
    broke and waters inundated more than 80 percent of the city in the
    wake of Hurricane Katrina.” They need our help! They will not have
    power/water for months. And the other towns that were totally
    washed/blown away. Need our Help!

    And please donate blood, 1 unit of your blood can save up to 3 people.
    Please give the gift of life.

    Thank you,

  7. Chris (densefive) Says:

    Need help finding family/friends in the area

    Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network

    Health and welfare Information Request Form
    Please use this form to submit your inquiry. Your inquiry will be sent
    to the disaster area, where SATERN personnel will attempt to locate
    the person or persons about whom you are inquiring. Please supply as
    much information as possible.

  8. phoenix Says:

    Network For Good:


    Has an extensive list of additional charities, organizations, and information as well. (Sorry to use your comments section as kind of a clearing house, Andy!)

  9. phoenix Says:

    Hurricane Housing.org is a project started by the political activist group MoveOn.org in an attempt to match up people who have spare rooms and beds with people who are looking for temporary aid or shelter. Please, especially if you’re within 300 miles of the affected region, sign up and offer a bed or a room to help these people begin to put their lives back together:


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