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The rumors are true

Well there have been lots of rumors about my future at CFH and I have promised to address them as soon as I could, so here goes. Sorry it has taken so long.

Today (August 31) is my last day in the office at Call for Help. I am indeed leaving the show.
I shot my last show with Leo and Amber on Aug 12. You’ll see it air in Canada and Australia Oct 8 and in the U.S. sometime after the new year.

The reasons why are simple. Management presented me with a new contract in August that offered me substantially less than I made in my first year on the show. Not much more to it than that. To me, the message was clear. And so I chose to not re-sign.

Am I upset at the turn of events? Yes, of course. I think Call for Help is the best tech television there is and I will miss making it. My co-hosts and the staff are just amazing, wonderful people. There’s just something so magical about the show. And Leo has been such a mentor to me.

The good news is that 60 of the most recent shows we made will air on G4 in the US (they started 29 Aug @ 11 AM). So the faithful US fans will get to see some of my best work. And I’ll be back as a guest on the show one or two shows each month. Leo has said he’d like me to do more.

My last episode is quite sad, but it’s also fun - it includes a demo with my cats Biff and Boo, moist cat food and Leo (who is slightly gagging throughout the whole thing thanks to the Friskies turkey yum yums).

So what’s next for me? First and foremost a bit of a rest.

Then of course my book The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Security, Spam Spyware and Viruses. It will be released Oct 28 and I’ll be working hard to promote it. Leo was instrumental in making it possible by introducing me to his publisher. And he was kind enough to write a foreword for it. If it’s a topic that interests you, I hope you’ll consider buying a copy. Thanks to Que Publishing, it will be available through major booksellers around the world and is available now for pre-order at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

I will also be launching two webcast projects:

–A podcast in Sept called The Next Big Ping (www.nextbigping.com) which will be a series of interviews with scientists, thinkers and inventors to examine how new technologies will change our lives in the coming century. Dee Long, who is famous as a member of Klaatu and should be famous for his solo album, wrote the theme for NBP. You’re going to love it!

– And CFH gadget guy Sean Carruthers and I will also launch a vidcast called Lab Rats (www.labrats.tv) , which will show you how to use some of the advanced features in technology you already own. Think of it as a longer Andy Segment with Sean as my excellent co-host. As you may know, Sean supported me in the CFH lab and its great to get him out from behind the camera. Matt Harris, my amazing CFH segment producer, will produce Lab Rats. What you see in those segments is Matt’s TV genius. So expect from the team a lot of humor, a little quirkiness as always and great useful tech content. Dee Long is also writing the theme for Rats.

I am also planning a series of intimate and interactive cybercourses. They will be affordable two-hour seminars via the web, limited to 10 students at a time. You’ll be able to see and hear me and I’ll be able to see and hear you. We can interact as I teach stuff like computer security, wireless networking and other really useful topics. I’ll post more on those when I have more info. If you’d like an email about those in your inbox as it comes available please send me a blank email with “cybercourses” in the subject line to cybercourses @ cyberwalker.com.

You may also know that I have been working on a book project called The Jetson Prophesy. It looks at how key technologies we have been promised by sci-fi like The Jetsons are about to come true this century. It has been circulating among publishers in the US. However, editors appear to be concerned about rights to the Jetson material. And Time Warner — which owns the Jetsons — has thus far been disinterested. Even if the book doesn’t incorporate the Jetsons, I will do a really great book on the future anyway. My literary agent Sam Hiyate continues to shop the concept to publishers now. If you’re in publishing and you’d like a looksee at the proposal and sample chapter about flying cars, drop Sam a line at sam @ therightsfactory.com.

And Cyberwalker.com needs a redesign and update. I haven’t had time in this last year so I am very much looking forward to working with Steve Huntriss (aka Tackie) and my web programmer Serge Vladimiroff to revitalized it and add some great new features and content. You’ll also see Steve’s design work on the Next Big Ping and other upcoming Cyberwalker projects.

As always, I’ll also be working very closely with my talented webmaster Craig Worden (software.cyberwalker.com) and Ted Gallardo my remarkable forummaster (forums.cyberwalker.com) to make the Cyberwalker projects as good as they can be.

There will be other TV and radio projects too. I have some really fun ideas and will be chatting with various TV outlets about them. I’ll announce those as I can.

Meanwhile, I am proud to enter the great tradition of Techtv alumni. And I have to thank all the fans for their wonderful and heartfelt support during one of the most remarkable years of my life.

Thank you so very much for your emails, your blog comments and your forums posts. You are an amazing bunch of people. I love what I do, but you all make it very fulfilling. Long live the food demos!

See you at the grocery store,

106 Responses to “The rumors are true”

  1. Chris (densefive) Says:

    Andy, its sad to see you leave the CFH 2.0. I’ve been downloading the show and watching it that way for months now. And when i think of CFH 2.0 i think of Leo, you and Amber, like the past CFH was Leo and Cat.

    I look forward to your book and The Next Big Ping


  2. Red Giant Says:

    Aww. Sorry to see you go Andy :-(. Nice to hear that you’ll be on the show every now and then though.

  3. Dillon Says:

    Good luck with everything.

  4. Chris Says:

    You were oddly remniscent during the interview. I’ll miss you Andy.

  5. Tambits10 Says:


    Which grocery store?

    See you there!


  6. Chuck Bush Says:

    I have enjoyed your segments and your amazing chemistry with Leo, Amber, Mike and the gang. Your leaving will be like a member of the family moving away. It seemsm that the “suits” always find a way to ruin a good thing.
    I will be a fan of anything you do, because of your talent, knowledge, and sense of humor, and us cat lovers gotta stick together. I’ll be buying the books and d/ling the podcasts. Thanks for some great TV.
    Long live the food demos!

    Your Pal

  7. phoenix Says:

    Oh no! Andy! Say it isn’t so!

    I’m sure you’ll keep working on the podcasts and videocasts, so we’ll stay tuned in to you, but it’ll definitely be sad to see you go!

  8. Jean Says:

    Please what can we do we And I say me we really don’t want you to leave the Show is it to Late what can we do Andy please tell Me

  9. Kim Says:

    Andy, I will miss you very much. On dialup I find it difficult to see webcasts so might not be able to see your new webshow with Sean. I will especially miss the food fights. Love to Biff and Boo(and you)too. I hope your book gets published. I love the Jetsons too.

  10. Iain Emslie Says:

    That’s sad new Andy. :( You will be missed on the show but it’s good to know you won’t be going away and I look forward to the vidcast and checking out the book.

  11. Slidenby Says:

    We will all miss you on the show! G4TechTV has taken a page from G4 in the US on how to screw over their valuable on-air talent. It’s a sad move that many who have come before you can relate to. I look forward to your new podcast and videocast and wish you well on all your future projects. You have gained a lot of fans who will follow you wherever you go.

    Best Wishes

  12. joe smith Says:

    Great job Andy All the best to you .

  13. Shannon Says:

    Andy, thanks for clarifying things. That is too bad that the contract negotiations were unfair. But it looks as though this may open a new chapter in your life. I will continue to be a supporter of you in whatever you choose to do. I must say, that I will miss your awesome segments on CFH. Hope that the kitties aren’t keeping you up at night.

    Take care,

  14. John Says:

    Sorry to see you go, man that SUCKS big time.

  15. sw0rdfish Says:

    this sucks…

    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming projects Andy, and I’ll continue to be a cyberwalker.com regular, great idea on the courses… I actually work hand and hand with a company that does education training for small to medium sized businesses… maybe we can talk? Although I’m sure you’d do well on your own? No harm in chatting is there?

  16. Kees Says:

    We’ll miss you soooo much on Call For Help! Thanks for making it such a great show. It wont be the same without you!


  17. c4hfan Says:

    first post :D

    i wish you success in your future endeavors

    and g4techtv should pay you more to stay

  18. Chris Says:

    Very sorry and sad to see you go. You have been a fantastic co-host on Call for Help and should be very proud of yourself. I look forward to seeing your future webcasts. Take Care!!!

  19. Denham Says:

    I am sorry to see you go, but I am glad you will remain “visible” with new projects. I look forward to reading, viewing and hopefully interacting with you in the future. Keep up the great work and all the best.

  20. BklynT Says:

    Hey Andy,
    I’m sorry to see you go — we just got CFH here in the states on Monday! But I did find ways to watch the shows before Monday. ;)
    I look forward to seeing your remaining segments on CFH and look forward to listening to the new podcast & seeing the vidcast.
    Thanks & all the best —

  21. Jack Says:

    Andy, I have learned so much from your great demos on CFH. I must say there were times when I watched the show and would want more Andy, I didn’t think it was fair your demos weren’t given the time they deserved. You have touched so many people with all your great tech help, so thank you Mr Walker. Good Luck in your future projects, I can’t wait!

    All my best wishes to you and your feline friends.

  22. Mark Laymon Says:

    Wow Andy, just about the time I get to actually see you on my TV, you’re leaving; however, your reasons are justified. Yes, you are now truly one of the TechTV Alumni, and we will follow you and your future projects over at http://LongLiveTechTV.com/ in the months and years to come! Feel free to utilize our various platforms to advertise and promote your books, podcasts, blogs, sites, projects, etc.

    Fortunately, I still get to see you in all the past episodes. You, Amber and Leo definitely have the “chemistry thing” going on between the three of you, and it shows on the screen. I am more than confident you’ll be able to work alongside anyone else and compliment their presence as well as you did Leo’s and Amber’s on CFH-2.0!

    Look at it this way, just like Kevin, Yoshi, and several of the other TechTV veterans, the time has come for you to step out and take your place doing YOUR THING. You already have a great fan base established, and I’m more than happy to proclaim I’m one (of many) among them! Thank you for all you’ve done for us fans in times past, and thank you in advance for being there for us in the future! Best wishes to you, Andy, as you step out and embark on your new adventures!

  23. Kevin Says:

    Apparently, G4 Canada is not at all that different from G4 US when it comes to contracts and money. Sorry to you go, my friend. Will be checking the sites you mentioned often to see new vid and pod posts!!.

  24. Nate Says:

    Andy you were part of the new CFH 2.0. I hate the new intro and everthing but it’s ANDY WALKER. who will take your place?

  25. TGuy Says:

    I think this is a ploy to get Andy out and replace him with Kevin Rose.

    (if you put 2 and 2 together I think most people can figure it out)

    I hope it is not the case but I smell a RAT (not a Lab Rat) but a G4 RAT!!

    This is the typical BROADCAST business…

    Good luck Andy.

  26. Ryan Says:

    I am sorry to hear you are leaving. Why do you think they offered you less. You and CFH are doing so well. Is g4 acting up again?

  27. Andy Walker Says:

    Thx everyone! Youb are all so very kind. Means a lot to me.
    TGuy - you may be right about Kevin tho if that is the case then the execs are misguided. He is too busy with Revision 3 to become a full time co-host. And has shown no interest in coming up to Toronto for all 15 shows each month. In fact he cancelled his appearances for the next production week in mid Sept.

  28. Linker Says:

    Andy –

    Sorry to hear you won’t be on the show, but if they are not going to pay you what you are worth, then you have definately made the right decision. Besides, sound slike you have too much else going on! :)

    Best of luck!

  29. PhoneJack Says:

    What about Gadgets and Gizmos?

  30. Andy Walker Says:

    Phonejack: I did 10 episodes and then backed out of that show in May when I signed on to write my book. however G&G has been cancelled. -Andy

  31. Keith Says:

    I agree with Jack a few posts back. You weren’t getting enough time with your segments. Whoever the genius is that is responsible for this decision should take a lesson from what happened to CFH & TSS in the states. They start fixing what isn’t broken & things fall apart. Stiff upper lip Andy. Can’t wait for your pod & vidcasts. We will all miss you!

  32. Andrew Says:

    It’s sad to see you go Andy. Some of the best moments I’ve seen on Call for Help were your food demos. :-)

    Good luck with your other projects.

  33. Barb Says:

    I am sad to hear that your are really leaving.
    CFH has lost a very knowledgeable & perfect fit for CFH! Have learned a lot from your segments & input for the show. You were an important part of the new CFH that has become so much better than when it was in the states. The 3 of you made a great team!!

    Wish you all the best in your new vidcasts & other endeavors. Know they will be great & am looking forward to following whatever you have in mind to do in the future. ;-)

    Good luck Andy, & thank you for keeping us updated.
    PS Also like hearing about the latest adventures of Bif & Boo…..

  34. Andrew Says:

    It’s sad to see you go Andy. Some of the best moments I’ve seen on Call for Help were your food demos. :-)

    Good luck with your other projects.

  35. nickia Says:

    Chaos are all over the place…
    Now they even cancelled Gadgets and Gizmos?! I hope Call For Help will not be the next victim…

    Farewell Andy!

  36. vahnx Says:

    It’s sad to see you go. Well I hope the show wont die down like TSS now that your gone. Farewell.

  37. MJ Says:

    G4TechTV , BOOOOOO to you!!!
    We’ll miss you ANDY… Howie and I are very very upset :^(
    Dang.. I am so mad at g4techtv, so mad.. all i can say is G4TECHTV….BOOOOO TO YOU!!!

  38. Dan (From Leoville) Says:

    Andy… that is really too bad. We heard about your departure and were disappointed in how you got dicked around by G4TechTV Canada. All for that twerp Kevin Rose.

    You’ll always be welcome in our chat room! I hope you stop by.

    Leoville IRC Chat Admin

  39. Brian Kelly Says:

    I’m sorry to see you go Andy. Your demos and segments on how tech works were a high point of the show in my opinion. I have noticed however that you seemed to be getting less and less time on air and felt that some of the later shows really did not give you enough time to cover the topic. Good luck in all your new endevours.

  40. John B Says:

    Good luck Andy, I would have missed you on the show, but I cancelled my G4 last week. Im not surprised, I know its a Roger’s company and thats the way Rogers treats people. I wouldnt be surprise if another on the air talent was behind it, and not Kevin or Amber.

    Glad to hear about the podcasts, will be looking forward to those. Best wishes

  41. Glen DeKoker Says:

    Well I think money isn’t everything but if you need it then move on sometimes it shouldn’t matter if your having fun. So I would think about that before doing anything. But I guess you already have so good luck and keep your chin up.

  42. Pat Power Says:

    I am soooo sorry to see you go. I love the show and I hate the changes they try and make to TV shows (usually for the worse). I just won’t be the same without you. The show’s been a great help to me and has answered a lot of my questions. I have even been on twice to get my questions answered.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed they don’t try to make more changes or it won’t be the same show anymore. And I’m always needing more HELP!!!!!!!!

  43. Scott Sekinger Says:

    Andy I am sorry to hear that you left the show. I have enjoyed all of you segments. I wish you the best in the future. You will be missed.


  44. viper's_trails Says:

    Best wishes in your future endeavors, and you will be missed. I truly believe that anything you touch will turn to gold! I’ll keep an eye on you progress, and will support you in any way that I can. Keep up the good work.

  45. TGal Says:

    Andy Walker Said: “And I’ll be back as a guest on the show one or two shows each month. Leo has said he’d like me to do more.” Reading some of the comments here makes it sound like Andy will never be on the show again, clearly this is not the case. Just wanted to point that out.

  46. Matthew Says:

    sad to hear to hear you’re leaving, they should of done everything they could to try and keep you not this business of offering less (what stupidity), but definitely looking forward to your podcast, vidcast & book, wish you luck in all future endeavours and life for that matter

  47. Carlos Roberts (Mexico City) Says:

    I’m sorry to hear this latest news. But I’m sure that better things will follow. I’ve been a fan of CFH since the bigging, and thru the BitTorrent technology I was able to catch the canadian show (better than the US one) this past year.

    Keep the good job you’re doing and keep that optimism everywhere you go. Good Luck !!!

    Carlos Roberts
    Mexico City, Mexico

  48. Chris Says:

    It’s not going to be the same with out you. But Good Luck with your future projects.

  49. Andy Walker Says:

    You are my hero, John B!

  50. John B Says:

    I cancelled my G4 subscription yesterday, and when asked why by Rogers. I told them because they didnt keep talent on their shows.

  51. C.J Says:

    Soryy too see you go have a good time in life and best of luck okay Andy do great things alright.

  52. Jesse Says:

    John B,

    Are you implying that Leo was behind? Because he seemed upset with it in the KFI Chat…………. or am i reading your sentence wrong: “I wouldnt be surprise if another on the air talent was behind it, and not Kevin or Amber.”


  53. Joel Morgan Says:

    Hey Andy, sorry to hear about the news. However, it seems like you have quite a few things in store and I am particularly interested in the work you’ll be doing on “The Next Big Ping.” I’ll be in touch more on this when I get back to the States in a few days.

    I’d also like to thank you again for all the traffic you sent my way. I got such a great response for the meetup video and my hosting company was kind enough to keep my site up even though I more than doubled my maximum bandwidth for the month of August. :)

  54. Cosondra Crawford Says:

    I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving CFH 2.0. I was so excited that it G4 finally got some sense in their head and brought it back to the US, and now you’re leaving before I even get to know you. At least I’ll get to watch the last episodes you taped. I love your forums. They have been such a help to me. Keep up the good work, and maybe you can come back to CFH like Leo did.

  55. Bernie Roehl Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving! I was at the TechTV meetup in August, and didn’t realize at the time that your final show would be taped the very next day. I think you made the right choice by not telling us — it would have really put a damper on things that night.

    Good luck on everything you do. I’ll be listening to your podcast, watching your vidcast, and buying your books.

  56. Andy Walker Says:

    Bernie: Yes that’s very true. I really didn’t want to spoil the mood. Thanks for your support and kind words. -Andy

  57. Dylan Says:

    Good luck Andy, we will miss you, it is so sad to see you go

  58. Bob Rocky Says:

    So sad, Andy. We just started getting CFH again a couple of weeks ago and now we see another change coming. I hope this isn’t going to be another rotation of hosts like we saw on The ScreenSavers. Good luck and we’ll enjoy the shows to come that still have you on them.

  59. Gary Shaw Says:


    I saw my first episode of CFH 2.0 here in the US this week. Your review of free AV programs helped me out immensely. You are another fine host of CFH/TSS fame!

    I’ve subscribed to your blog RSS feed today. I want to wish you the best and know that through your website and blog you will be remembered and your advice followed.

    Good luck with the kits!

  60. steven Says:

    Andy, all the best to you you added some pizzazz

  61. Jeffery Smith Says:

    I am sorry to see you go. I just got to start watching CFH in the states and now I find that your not going to be there. IT SUCKS. I hope the execs live to regret their poor decision. I will be DL the pod and vidcast. Can’t wait for the book.

  62. Paul Marsh Says:

    Andy - This is very sad news. Like other people, I was on vacation and just found out. You will definitely be missed. I hope we will hear / see more from you in the near future (another appearance on TWIT?).

  63. AU Andrew Says:

    You will be missed.
    I (as you know) am a M*A*S*H fan and always kept an ear out for your hidden reference to the show. I also enjoyed your food segments.
    Good luck with all your plans.
    I hope management come to their senses, offer more and beg for you to come back to the show, they dont realise yet that they have lost the best asset they had.
    Take care my friend
    AU Andrew

  64. Stephen Says:

    Andy, You will be missed by CFH Australian viewers of which I am one of many. Best of luck in your future ventures. I hope to see on other things.
    Take care,

  65. Mark Says:


    I will sincerely miss your presence on CFH. I felt your segments were just getting better and better. An educator myself, I tip my hat to you, as you were/are a very good teacher.

    All the best,


  66. Mark Huddleston Says:

    Hi Andy!
    I just started watching the Canadian Call For Help. I am an old ZDTV fan, and really miss the old techier days, but you really belong and this brief time I’ve been able to watch the show in the US is too brief!
    I hope that in the future people will launch an FSTV (freespeech.org) style tech television channel, run and owned 100% by the viewers, accepting no ads, and thus completely trustworthy and uncorruptable. Nobody could do what they just did to you and a long list of great ZDTV/TechTV people.
    I don’t want to stew over sad things, but look forward to a very hopeful future. I believe that the money-oriented approach of G4 is on the way out and the free meritocratic, people-oriented, viewer-supported and ad-free way is the way things will always be done in the future — so it’s not about connecting advert to eyeball but rather about quality to the new boss, the fans.
    I know that this is just the beginning for you and you are a rising star!
    Mark H. Huddleston,
    Schaller, Iowa.

  67. lorraine Says:

    aww andy, that’s crappy that you are leaving… but maybe I’ll see you in the hallways the odd time, or see you around town. :)

  68. BCZF Says:


    I wish to hell you wouldn’t go, the three of you are a great team and this show will not be the same without you!

    If it’s true about Kevin Rose, all I can say is - ENOUGH BLOODY KEVIN ROSE ALREADY! I mean there is such a thing as market saturation, and KR is comming dangerously close to doing it. And as I understand he and Amber have a relationship going, how is that going to be for the viewer? When he cohosted TSS, he was dating, whats her name, Sara (who is still on AOTS, I believe) and it became uncomfortable to watch after awhile..

    But I digress, Andy, your food product demos were he best (epecially demos involving cheese) and your humor and knowlege were unmatched.. I hope someday you could reconsider.. Perhaps a TWIT appearance or two??

    Take care, you will be missed…

  69. Andy Walker Says:


    I would reconsider if the executive didn’t want me gone, but when someone comes to you after a year and says great job but here’s a big paycut because the show is in financial peril - it’s not making any money - and then you say, ok here are some ways to get me to sign the discounted contract and they say sign it as is or leave, you kind of have to leave.

    I am as stunned as you are. However as sad as it is, this has been a great thing for me. I have had a load of offers, including a new book, and there will be more radio and TV. I hope I can tell you where you’ll see me next very soon. And I hope to keep those food demos coming. By the way, I will do a live food demo at my book launch in mid-November in Toronto. I’ll announce the details in October about that.

    In the meantime, say tuned for the first episode of The Next Big Ping, Lab Rats and andywalker.com, all coming in the next few weeks.

    And thanks for the kind, wonderful words. You don’t know how much your support (and everyone else who has posted and emailed) mean to me.


  70. BCZF Says:

    I’m glad this will for ok for your benefit, and I think I can speak for other fans of yours when I say we will tune in or follow you into whatever endevor you choose to pursue.

    It still doesn’t take the sting out of your leaving, but as long as we can still listen/watch/read your work, it’ll ease it a bit…

    Take care -

    John Rivett
    Milwaukee, WI

  71. Jon Clifton Says:

    It’s hard for me not to say something mean about the network…

    … let’s just say they’re worse without you.

    Good luck with everything you’re pursuing.

    Not goodbye, just see ya later,


  72. ding Says:

    i’ve watched cfh 2.0 for a long while, until bev went n2…Andy, u r a wonderfully talented, educator, who is fun to watch.

    Kevin Rose doesn’t trip my trigger.

    They are making a huge mistake.

    Best Wishes, sincerely.

  73. Stephen Says:

    Well, I have to ask it. I’m curious to know how much G4 pays their hosts/co-hosts.

  74. Ray Says:


    Good luck for the future.
    If your considering taking a holiday down under, please email me and I can arrange for you to meet up with some media types to possibly promote your book down here.

    All the best
    Sydney NSW Australia

  75. Chuck (Columbiana, Ohio) Says:

    Good luck in all you do. Comcast and G4 have a way with not being fair with their employee’s. Look what happened to The Screen Savers and Call for Help here in the states. Again good luck in all you do…..

  76. Tech Mike Says:

    Good Luck Andy. Im sorry to see you go, it was quite a shock watching the last episode and hearing that u are leaving. I always enjoyed watching your food demos, they were great fun. Ill look forward to all of your upcoming projects

    Thanks for all the great content you have provided everyone.

    Tech Mike from AUS

  77. Dave (Michigan) Says:

    So who showed up at the September taping as Andy’s replacement. I too hope not Kevin Rose.

  78. Lenny Tatara Says:

    Andy, I was saddened when I read that you won’t be on Call For Help. It has only been about three weeks since I found that CFH was on at 11:00AM but I tried to record each show. I like your style. I like your website. I will miss seeing you on Call For Help.

  79. Lorenzo Says:

    Andy, it is sad that you are leaving the show. I loved those food demonstrations you did and I’ll miss them. After discovering this CFH this summer, I have religiously watched it and learned a whole lot, especially from you. I don’t think it will be the same without you on the show. I wish you the best in whatever you do in the future.

    Vancouver, Canada

  80. Neve Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I saw your last episode aired the other day and I’ve seen two without you since. I miss you already, you added a lot of fun to the show. It just isn’t the same without you. What about the food fights? I hope the management come to their senses and get you back.
    PS Biff and Boo are really cute.

  81. T8ERS Says:

    Bummer! :(

  82. Warren Bryce Says:

    For me the show has lost much of it’s spontaneity without your segments. Good luck in your new ventures.

  83. Ken Says:


    I just played show 260, your last show announcement. Sorry to hear you’re leaving. I felt the three of you had some very good chemistry. Hopefully I can continue viewing your vidcasts in the future. I hope you will have formats other than mov. I don’t seem to be able to view these with my Windows media player with xvid codecs nor my old imac with os 10.2.8. My old imac g3 just can’t seem to run mov even with vlc player (says my processor may be too slow). Don’t think it will run tiger, so I can’t download the latest qicktime. Please for us folks with old techology, supply older formats.

  84. mike maloney Says:

    andy, i am sadend by your leave, i will miss you and your talent. you taught me how tranisters worked and how vpn works by your food demo. you have earned a place beside the greats like kevin rose and leo laport. i will miss you

    yours truley mike m

  85. Mick News Says:

    Hi Andy, sorry to hear you left CFH. I am one of the shows many Aussie fans and found your Humour freshened up the show and added a new dimension to it. It is very noticeable that the shows post AW are very flat and are obviously missing your presence. Jeez! they should have offered you more, not less!!.
    Hope to see you in the future and i look forward to your Vidcasts.

    Good luck with your future projects.


  86. Brendan Whitty Says:

    Hey Andy,
    I am very sorry to read the bad news as well. When I was watched tonights episode (Oct 19) and Leo introduced his Co-host in the singular, I said “What the Hell!”. It seemed to me that you definitely were not away at some techie trade show, but had been shown the door in some sense. I clicked my way over here, and found the answer. Anyway, I will miss you as well. You were a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than the other co- host. I enjoyed your demos, like using cake, cardboard, and dye to show how a processor is made, or the time you and Leo demonstrated the principles of a dual core processor, and made a huge mess of the studio. It won’t be the same without you. The show wasn’t broken before…but it is now.
    Take care,

  87. Charlie Myers Says:

    Man, we all smell a rat….after chris parillo left,who showed up? andnow,folks hes in toronto?!!!!!!!!!

  88. Dave McCormick Says:

    Sorry to see you leave andy. I had to make a demonstration at work on how VOIP works and I copied how you did it using cheese. Everyone forgets the rest of my VOIP presentation…but they remember the cheese. Thanks for all your insight and I wish you the best.

  89. twohotblondes Says:

    Hi Andy..sorry to see you off CFH..we really miss you..you took time out of your busy schedule to donate a G-mail account to us and we really appreciated that..so feel free to give us a shout back if you like.
    From Hammertown

  90. Gary Raposo Says:

    Andy, we will certainly miss you. Thought you were just taking a break to work on your book. You presented a great twist and flavour (LOL) to learning tech. I have been watching Leo (huge fan) since before Patrick Norton when Kate was Leo’s partner in crime. Similar thing happened with her. You have as much chemistry with Leo as any previous hosts. I look forward to seeing you again on CFH and hope with the show’s continued success you will be back for good.

    All the best.

  91. MC Says:

    I was wondering where you were. I kept watching the shows and didn’t see you anymore. And now, checking out your blog and finding the archives, I found the answer. Jeez. That’s horrible. I feel so sorry. I really loved seeing you on the show with all those cool demonstrations with M&M’s, tomato juice, cheeze, and whatever else. They were the coolest stuff to demonstrate how things work. And it looked like you guys loved doing it.

    Ted Rogers can be pretty bad, although he did bring the show to Canada. Best of luck. Hope you’ll pop up again somewhere. Like maybe your own show.

  92. Brian Mathers Says:

    So sorry to see you leave Andy, but I will look out for your projects in the future! You will be sadly missed on Call For Help. I learned lots of stuff from the three of you and it was always good for a laugh on the show. Iwill visit your Blog Site to keep in touch. Good luck to you!!

  93. barbara A. Says:

    Andy we miss you. You know about the dinner and movie thing. Well at our house it was dinner and the call for help gang. You are the reason we started watching the show and now that you are no longer part of the gang. No reason to watch (except when you are a guest).
    Which ever path you choose I know you will be successful.
    You are the best!!
    Your number 1 fan

  94. Michael Maskell Says:

    One technology topic has not been discussed clearly is the impact of proprietory operating systems on world civilization.

    Is microsoft trying to control the world?
    What would be the impact if microsoft released a killer patch that destroyed all non US licences (as in a war situation)?

    Will LINUX save us, and is it ready or capable of taking over?

    Andy with your experience and knowledge you may be the best person to address this issue.

    - Concerned Citizen of Earth

  95. Doug Goldsmith Says:

    Dear Andy;

    Damn their eyes. Is Leo the boss, did he do this? My first thought was that
    G4 wanted changes if the show was to air in the US. Is this true or was it
    pure economics and the show just doesn’t make enough money yet and cuts had to be made.
    I like Amber but she is not in your league.

    When you speak seriously on a subject and we can see the wheels turning, that
    is when I see you as an indispensable part of the show. It is possibly that your
    intelligent gentlemanly demeanor ( monkey suits/ food fights aside) has no place
    on G4. Look what they have done to Screen Savers.

    Merry Christmas from a fellow Londoner.

  96. Gordon Lee Says:

    Hey Andy, those idiots at Rogers and G4TechTV Canada are numbskulls! Love your Labrat.tv episodes with Sean Carruthers and Bif and Boo! I for sure won’t be attending that meet-up in downtown Toronto on Thursday December 15, 2005. Hope the snow-storm bury those Rogers executives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Etobicoke, Ontario.

  97. Doug Says:

    Andy, I watch Call For Help each day from G4 USA. I record the program daily and skip through some parts but never miss your program ending segments. As we are about three months behind I have not seen your final episode. I was very sorry to learn that G4 could not find a way to work with you so you could stay on. I will now look forward to watching you via “Lab Rats” and your web site. I have now subscribed to your newsletter and wish you the best!

  98. Johnathan Says:

    Sad to see Andy go - but again, I tend to think maybe it’s not so bad that all the former TechTV personalites can develop their own shows - it gives the fans a lot more choice and more in-depth coverage than can be done on TV.

    To the person above having trouble playing video files on an older Mac - download Mplayer! It’s the best video player for old Macs; it knows how to drop the frame rate when needed but keep the sound in sync, and the result is very watchable, IMO.
    (Be sure to get the OSXb8r3 version, as the newer ones only run on Tiger / OS X 10.4)
    When you have Mplayer installed, go to the Preferences and check the option “Drop frames on slower machines” under Video Settings.

    Then, try playing your target video file.

  99. ROGER Says:


  100. Chris Says:

    Being in does have it’s disadvantages when it comes to CFH. I learned yesterday (after some fair amount of cybersleuthing) that you had left the show back in August. I personally think management made a huge mistake, and do not see CFH (unfortunately) long for this world. Matter of fact it was taken off the Comcast lineup here this week. While I am sad to see you and the show gone from my daily viewing pleasure. I will watch LABRATS and NextBigPing religiously, as well as pick your books up as soon as I can. I will spread the word of the CyberWalker throughout the land here. Best of luck.

  101. Bill531 in TX Says:

    Andy, I enjoyed all of you on C4H.. but the damn headless honchos at G4TV all … well, nothing good to be said about them.. However, I’m sure your resume will get you in many doors! You’ll soon say “Best thing that ever happened to me!” Good luck!

  102. GoHeels Says:

    Andy very sorry to see you exit the program. The gamers have struck again. They took the CFH off the end of the year in the US and now we have to struggle to get it in Canada. I sure hope Discovery Channel will pick up CFH. That is where it belongs and maybe then you will be back on the program. When I started watching CFH it was in the 80s I think because the only sat then was C-Band.

  103. David Hughes Says:


    I was wondering why I had not seen any C4H on G4TV, Now I know. C4H was the only reason I starting watching G4TV again after they dropped TSS. After Leo, I enjoyed your work the most on the show. I’ll miss you all…again…

  104. jim Says:

    hi Andy,
    since those idiots at G4 stopped airing CFH, i had to download the shows and realized you were no longer around. Sorry to had to leave. good luck Andy, i’m certain you’ll do quite well though :)

  105. Suzie Says:

    See what happens, Andy? You leave and G4 in the US drops CFH! Coincidence?? I think not! Seriously though, for the brief time CFH was back on in the US I thoroughly enjoyed your segments! Management–sheesh!! Sorry you had to leave but everybody understands. You are talented and will land on your feet! :-) See you around the frozen tech aisle!!! ;-)

  106. Bryan W. Fuller Says:

    Gee, we are sorry to hear about the problems and hope that you are working hard, I am going to be purchasing that new book on security this week.

    I have Lab Rats and Cyberwalker in my booksmarks.

    Please do keep up the good work Andy.

    CFH is not just the same with your good humour etc.

    Best of luck my friend.

    Bryan W. Fuller Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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