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You may have seen the rumors about my future on Call for Help. I’ll talk about that a little later this week in a post on this blog. There are some issues I need to deal with before I say anything publicly about my future.

My sister is also getting married on Labor Day weekend and there are some important family events this week leading up to that. It’s very important to me that I focus on her and her husband to be during this time.

However, I know the CFH issue is important to everyone who watches the show and I want to address that as soon as I can . Please check back here Wednesday or Thursday and I’ll take some time to comment on the rumors.


19 Responses to “Rumors…”

  1. Tambits10 Says:


    Family always comes first!


  2. nickia Says:

    I hope the answer to the rumour is negative…
    I wish the show can stay as they are….

  3. TGal Says:

    Focus on your family during this happy and exciting time.

  4. Denham Says:

    I have really enjoyed your segments on call for help. I hope that you continue on, but if you need to leave then all the best in whatever you do. Keep up the great work in all you do.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Andy…if you are leaving, you will definitely be missed. You are great on the show.

  6. claes Says:

    I hope your are not leaving since you have some of the best segments on cfh2 but but if it happens do continue with things like the labrats podcast. Would love to see segments that are more indepth than it was time for on cfh2.


  7. leafsfanatic Says:

    Whatever your future holds I’m sure you will do great! The world needs more bright enthusiastic people like you who are willing to help anyone and everyone!

  8. FriedApple Says:

    Andy man. I really hope you aren’t leaving. Even though I cause Amber is a little hottie, you are very entertaining. I love the food segments. Please don’t go!!!

  9. Brent Says:

    I hope that the rumours aren’t true, although your statement seems to be an indicator that they may be. The show won’t be the same without you, but it is your decision to make.

  10. ccanni1028 Says:

    I think he may be leaving because I heard that KRose is coming back to host CFH part-time combined with this post, and I doubt they will have too many people there.

  11. Kevin Says:

    Andy I hope that you do not have to leave, but I’m one who believes that family comes first. I enjoy very much your demos about how technology works. Best wishes to you!!

  12. Shannon Says:

    I hope these rumors can be addressed as soon as possible. It is not fair to your supporters to have to wait so long.

  13. Linker Says:

    You’re right Andy. Family first. Hope the rumors are untrue, as we are now just getting the show here in the states. I’ve enjoyed the “glimpses” of the show I’ve gotten and can tell you are certainly part of the chemistry of the show that’s gotten it so far so fast!

  14. Aaron Einstein Says:

    Andy, don’t go! Your what makes the show worth watching!


  15. FriedApple Says:

    I wonder if he is leaving cause Amber beats the crap out of him to much. If need be Andy I will come take care of her for ya.

  16. Andrew Says:

    Hey Andy, what’s up i am a big fan… and I know its important to think Family first i do it all the time, and well I was wondering if you and i could keep in touch by email… if you want to, my name is andrew give me a shout at [email removed]

  17. Frank Says:

    Andy! You had better not be leaving the show. I will be extremely upset.

  18. LuckyPhil Says:

    Read the IRC log posted there.
    What part of the below is hard to understand? why the questioning or the wondering or the speculation? it’s fact. Stone cold hard fact, in black and white… or didn’t anyone take time to read it?
    [02:11] this is why andy left
    [02:11] and frankly I don’t blame him
    [02:11] they cut his salary and wanted kevin to take half his segments
    [02:12] No Amber didn’t have anything to do with it
    [02:12] Andy wanted to write more anyway
    [02:12] but I hate losing him on the show
    [02:13] Mike and Sean are going to do more, and we’re going to try out Jenn Cutter - she’s the next Kate if you ask me
    [02:14] Andy was frustrated with management

  19. Andrew Says:

    Hey Andy,

    Hi its good ol Andrew again, well I have been reading your blogs and I am shocked to hear your leaving CFH, I also have to agree with you, it is the best tech show around, i watch it everyday, i learn awesome things from it, but really wish to see you come back though, I learn soo much from you, when its your turn to teach something. Well take care.

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