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Andy and the techteens…

Was interviewed by the boys at Gen Y podcast this past weekend. Nice bunch of young fellas.

Have a listen, and have a little patience with the audio quality:


4 Responses to “Andy and the techteens…”

  1. sw0rdfish Says:


    I listened to the first few minutes, I might give the rest a listen later, but that was really bad. I’m assuming it was over skype or soemthing, so you can’t know for sure, but was somone telling him what to say, or writing it out on paper? Zoiks…

    When’s your podcast expected Andy???

  2. Andy Walker Says:


    Yeah was with Skype — audio quality not so good - true. They’re kids tho.

    My first podcast — The Next Big Ping (http://ping.cyberwalker.com)– will be available by the end of Sept. First vidcast — Lab Rats (http://www.labrats.tv)– around the same time. We’re shooting a pilot this week.


  3. Barb Says:

    That was a good interview you did with them Andy. They were prepared for what to ask & the audio quality wasn’t that bad. ( A couple of Leo’s TWiT podcasts had worse problems than this, it can’t be easy to do) ;-)

    Looking forward to your ‘Lab Rats’ vidcasts especially!

    Thanks again for another interesting link.

  4. TGal Says:

    Good stuff, I enjoyed listening to it.

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