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Reminder: Meet up - Thursday!!!

Don’t forget…

The extended CFH gang — including me, Leo and Amber, Mike Sean, Kevin and his gang — will be appearing for a meet up this Thurs (Aug 11 at 7:30PM) at No Regrets located in Liberty Village in Downtown Toronto …219 Dufferin St. Toronto (416) 535-0050

We’ll be joined by our event organizer Frank Linhares of Techphile.ca .

Join us for a little Q&A, a few frosty beverages and some good times if you’re in the area.

More info here: http://techtv.meetup.com/2/events/4740082/

3 Responses to “Reminder: Meet up - Thursday!!!”

  1. Barb Says:

    Hope someone can Video tape with sound some of the meet up.?? I see there will be podcasts, but not sure about video. :-?
    Sounds like it will be a great meeting…Have fun! Wish could travel few thousand miles to be there.

  2. sw0rdfish Says:


    Was awesome meeting you yesterday!

    You guys threw a pretty kickass meet-up!

    Looking forward to hearing that podcast you’re starting! Keep us informed!

    Thanks for doing that last night, I know I had a blast meeting all you guys, and I’m sure most other people did as well!


  3. Andy Walker Says:

    Good to meet you too! Can’t wait to start the podcast. Looking forward to the next one.


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