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Kittens update

Thought I’d share a picture of Biff today. My friend MJ gave me a hat and he commandeered it.

Biff in my hat

Pix of Boo too!

Boo snoozing

6 Responses to “Kittens update”

  1. Andrew Says:

    HAHAHA, cute. He looks like hes asleep.

  2. Tambits10 Says:


    Biff looks like a little darling. Is Boo camera shy?

    I’m sure neither are causing you any trouble. ;)


  3. TGal Says:

    That is a great picture. :)

  4. Barb Says:

    Awwwwww……. so adorable when sleeping! At least not getting into mischief here Andy. :P

  5. TGal Says:

    Love those green eyes on Boo, reminds me of Arline my cat.

  6. lorraine Says:

    cat in the hat!!! :P

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